The best socket extensions

What makes a socket extension better than another?

A socket extension seems like a simple tool, but there are many nuances that can make it more or less useful.


As we had discussed in the torque wrench article:

Does an extension affect a torque wrench?

Newtons third law, tells us that the force we apply at one of the socket extension, will always be the same on the other end. Any spring we may feel in the ratchet, does not mean any energy is being “absorbed”. In the same way that, a car is no lighter just because it has springs. It only means that there is a millisecond delay between applying force on one end and it reaching the other.

Therefore, in a good socket extension we want the bar to be on the thinner side so it can reach through and around obstacles.


There are two types of extensions, ones that have the socket go straight out, and wobble extensions which let the socket pivot up to 15% in any direction.

Some socket extensions have a recess cut into it, to allow it to be used as a locked and wobble extension.


This is the part of the extension that is textured to allow your fingers to spin it. Ideally you want this knurling to be be as close to the ratchet as possible, so both hands can utilize the knurling, and so that the knurling is out of the way of rubbing against an obstruction (as is the case with knurling found in the middle).

The best socket extensions I have found to date with all of the above are Koken wobble extensions:

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