Professional grade smoke machine that is half the price of competitors

An smoke machine is an invaluable tool in diagnosing all sorts of leak related problems. Intake vacuum leaks, exhaust leaks, evap leaks, can all be found in a matter of minutes. The problem has always been that you either needed to build your own home made smoke tester or spend $1000+ on a professional unit. As with most things, offshore competitors have now started making their own versions at over half the price. The good news is that some of these offshore units are properly good and even outclass their $1000+ competitors.

I’ve been testing the AUTOOL SDT 206 unit and its exceeded all expectations.

Built in air compressor, CHECK

Billows smoke, CHECK

Mineral oil level, CHECK

Inflatable accessories, CHECK

Pressure control, CHECK

Easy draining, CHECK

Well machined caps, controls, and knobs, CHECK

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