Useful Bolt Charts (Recommended torque, Conversion charts, Head Bolt to bolt diameter, Lubricated torque)

Bolt head/Wrench size to bolt diameter conversion chart:

Standard recommended torque spec for each size bolt:


Conversion factor based on bolt condition (reduce by 30% for heavily greased [anti-seized] bolts):


Coefficient factor indicates bolt condition (k factor indicates dry, vs lubed, vs greased, etc), koken chart is based on k = .2 which is generally new and dry).

Download (PDF, 63KB)


Newton Meters (NM) to Foot pounds (Ftlb):

OEM BMW torque specs based on bolt size:

Download (PDF, 172KB)

Conversion chart from Metric to SAE and British:


Chart to identify different types of new world bolt heads:


Bolting handbook:

Download (PDF, 5.61MB)

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