Best tool for bleeding brakes by yourself (one man brake bleeding)

We all know the the two man brake bleeding process; one person pressing the pedal while the other is at the caliper end.

There are a lot of different types of tools out there to allow for one man bleeding, but pressure bleeding is by far the best.

The problem with pressure bleeders is that people use them just as advertised without understanding how they could make their bleeding process even easier.

Pressure bleeders like the Motive Products advertise adding brake fluid to the pressure bleeder and then pumping up to pressure.

Little do people know that adding brake fluid to the pressure bleeder is unnecessary as it only serves to fill the cars reservoir back up.

However! If the cars reservoir doesn’t go empty, there is no risk in using the pressure bleeder completely empty.

The benefit? Completely mess free pressure from the master cylinder reservoir all the way to your caliper.

Upon removal there is no extra fluid, waste, dripping, nothing.

Its as easy as screwing on the pressure bleeder, pumping up to 10 PSI, cracking the caliper bleeder nipple open, attaching catch cup and that’s it!

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