A properly good 120/240v welder thats $399

Ever wondered how good those Amazon cheap welders are? Mileage may vary, but I am pleased to report from personal experience that the Yes Welder MIG-205DS is crazy good value for money.

We’re talking inverter style, quick DCEN/DCEP changeover, mig flux/gas, DC tig and stick welding ability, while also being 120v and 240v capable, 200 amps, inductance control and voltage regulation, all digitally!

These kind of specs are normally found in multi thousand dollar machines.

Inverter technology makes these new generation welders so much smaller and lighter than old age transformer units that you find in your local hobby store. The Lincoln and Hobart machines you find in your local stores in this price range are all of the old style, heavy and very rudimentary in controls (no digital, no quick change, no inductance control).

Don’t expect to use this machine much for tig, as it only does DC lift tig (as opposed to AC tig), but do plan to use it for all your mig welding needs. The quick euro style connectors on the front are a treat to use to switch between DCEN/DCEP and the digital interface makes is really great for setting the exact settings you are looking for.

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