Repairing broken plastic clips in cars: Bondic

I’ll be the first to admit, that the concept of Bondic seemed like it might be a gimmick. I however received it as a gift from my wife and put it aside until I could find a use.

Not even 48 hours later, as im working on one of the cars and I break a plastic retaining clip on a piece of trim; these things happen on 20+ year old cars.

After testing the Bondic, its got one advantage no glue or resin can duplicate and that’s speed. The time between applying liquid and it being solid is 4 seconds.

That means much like welding metal, you can tack the piece in place with a dab and thereafter apply the bonding material all around.

Repairing plastic clips had always been a pain because you either had to hold the piece still for minutes on end for it to even slightly stick, or you have to take the whole trim off and jig it in just the right way so gravity doesn’t misaligned the piece being rejoined.

The principle of operation is much the same as what your dentist does when making a filling. Ever notice the UV light right after they dab the filling on your tooth? Same principle, the UV light instantly hardens the resin.

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