Lifetime warranty, how about lifetime improvement? A tool company that can trace back any problems to raw materials

Many tool companies, especially larger established companies offer lifetime warranties against defects or failures of their tools.

However, with producing many thousands to tens of thousands of tools, how do they address the failure that occurred in your tool so it doesn’t happen in future?

Well, the reality is that most companies can’t trace back the exact time or batch your tool was made; perhaps they can review common failure points, but not minuscule inconsistencies in batches.

Except one; every PB Swiss tool comes with a unique serial number that can be authenticated on their website:

They further use these serial numbers to track down the exact day, batch of materials and even people who worked on your tool. This allows for micro analysis of where a failure occurred, who was responsible and how to address it.

I wouldn’t expect any less from Switzerland.

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