Best spin wheel balancer for home use

Ever wanted to balance wheels at home like a pro? It sure would be nice to save $100 every time you need to balance wouldn’t it?

Well, I went on extensive search for a good spin balancer that wouldn’t break the bank but would provide consistent high quality results.

I ended up with a Atlas WB-HS, the HS standing for hand spin.

Its got the same “brain” as the wb11 but without the motor; and believe me you don’t need the motor.

The hallmark of a quality machine is repeatability; you should be able to balance, remount and balance again with the same results over and again.

I am very particular when it comes to equipment and the WB-HS has proven a very high degree of repeatability; dead-on repeatable, something I would expect from a much much more expensive machine.

The difference between the Atlas and other Chinese made units is in the details:

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