Best Mechanic gloves

Many years ago, I used to go through pairs and pairs of Mechanix gloves (actual Mechanix brand), the black original style with the synthetic palm. The two major problems I was having was wearing them out too quick, and the synthetic not being able to put up with heat without melting. I couldn’t get a pair to last me more than a couple months.

After trialing many gloves, I found the best types of gloves were being sold by companies making gloves for the welding industry.

They generally look the same, but are made from real leather to withstand heat, and because of the real leather, have higher dexterity, more protection and last much much longer. Guess what? They are also less expensive. There is no point in buying synthetic mechanics gloves when the real leather gloves cost the same or less!

Tillman 1470 Truefit goatskin gloves and Tillman 1480 Truefit Deerskin:

I prefer the goatskin version for an ultimate blend between dexterity and durability; however both are a fine choice, and get better with time as the leather molds to your fingers.

Price $10-15

The other option (I much prefer the Tillmans) is Miller Metalworker Gloves 251066 in goatskin:

Price $15-20

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