Plug in air duster / blower for cleaning electronics and dust around the house

Forget canned air dusters or using an air compressor, plug in air dusters are in a league of their own when it comes to cleaning electronics or dusting around the house.

Canned air is inherently limited, but why not an air compressor?

Two reasons, moisture, CFM (cubic feet per minute), and portability.

Moisture is a problem all air compressors face by way of their operation and there are many industry solutions; refrigerated air dyers, heatless air dryers and membrane air dryers.

More information for those interested:

Download (PDF, 784KB)

Secondly, even if you had a dry airline that could be used on electronics, the max amount of airflow (CFM) you can generate through a ‘high flow’ air gun is about 42 CFM, while normal air guns are in the range of 5-8 CFM.

A plug in air duster is able to generate in the neighborhood of 70-90 CFM.

Lastly, portability, even if your air was dry, and you could generate enough CFM, there is no beating being able to plug in the air duster and use it nearly anywhere.

For around the house, here is the difference between using just a vacuum, and using the air blower:

Before dusting:

After only vacuuming:

After using Air duster:

The combo of the two makes dusting, especially under furniture completely painless; use the duster to loosen up the dust, and the vacuum to suck it up:

Videos of the air duster in action:

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