Undoing stripped nuts with 6 point wrenches

The majority of wrenches found on the market today are 12 point. This is because 12 point wrenches allow the wrench to be used on both 12 and 6 point bolts, as well as allowing twice as many engagement points for those tight spots.

However beware, 6 point wrenches are far superior in gripping the nut or bolt:

Everywhere you see a void is where material can deform or ‘strip’.

If you have already stripped a bolt or nut, it is often still not to late to use a 6 point. On my 1987 BMW 325is, I can recall clearly two instances where a 6 point has saved the day; first on the thermostat bleed screw, which is an aluminum bolt. The second on the rear sway bar link mount where a brake line retainer gets in the way of using a socket, and where the nut was too tight for the open end to effectively grip the nut (began stripping it).

There are many sets available, personally I found one of the best deals are the craftsman 6 point wrenches. They are made in the USA and have a very tight fit.

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